Mirror Ball SilverOnly leading professional brands of equipment are used. Thus providing high quality sound and reliability. For peace of mind I have two of everything.

Typically I use a mixture of:

  • RCF
  • Bose
  • Mackie
  • EV
  • Sennheiser
  • Denon

Digital LED lighting, Haze, Bubbles & lasers inc. Full colour with animation are used and available for your event.


The burning question…….”how much do you charge?”

This is obviously an important question and you will want a fixed price with no hidden extra’s. The price is dependant on a few factors like location of the venue, how many hours and is the function room upstairs etc.

You will be surprised how competitive and affordable I am but if  you’re looking for a cheap sub £100 Disco (unless its for a children’s party) or a cheap quote then I’m probably not the one for you as I won’t  compromise on quality or service for a cheap price.

I do not charge any differently for a Wedding, like most, as the work carried out is the same for all functions.

I am not the cheapest but then the best never is!